Eyesome has a portfolio of artists who are proficient sound engineers with years of experience in providing on-demand audio content for theatre, short movies, ads, games, apps and more.

This includes the creation of (non) exclusive music, sound effects and audio solutions for your project or brand.
Here at Eyesome, We understand that each sound project is unique and therefor requires a tailored solution.

How does it work?

1) You reach out to matt@eyesome.org with an overview of the project. This ideally includes requirements, preference of artist (if any) to work with, examples you are after and deadline.

2) Within 72 hours, we will get back to you with a solid gameplan. This means we will suggest suitable artists for the project and create an initial agreement containing all details (budget, number of revisions and timeline).

3) The project starts and continue to be your single point of contact with all the artists involved. Every few days you receive an update from us with current state of affairs.

Why Eyesome?

Thanks to our large network of like-minded creators covering/having covered almost any subgenre of music, we guarantee to help you find the best fit for your project.

All sound engineers on Eyesome’s roster are personal connections and people we maintain a close relationship with for many years. This allows us to stay organized, collaborate seamlessly with external parties and deliver what we promise.

Our team is also passionate and skilled in domains such as app/web development, automation, growth hacking, event management and always happy to share experiences that could support your project.

Eyesome Sound Engineers

Lohan LG (Paris, FR)

Mastering engineer, Product & DJ, Phd student in Hip-Hop Culture.



Théâtre Darius Milhaud (Paris), autism awareness (VALE), social issues in Asia & Wrap Ball game (Outtallectuals)

Karolis B. (Vilnius, LT)

Freelance music producer and sound designer.



Bored Panda, Swedbank, Red Bull, A Girl & A Gun, official remix for Azzido Da Bass

Maksim A. (Tallinn, EST)

Producer & DJ, Sound designer and music teacher.



Estonian Independence Day show, Estonian Architecture Awards, Theatre vanemuine

Giorgio A. (Rome, IT)

Sound & re-recording engineer



NSL RadioTV, Rewind Communication, Red Studio, lifebeyondthecamera,

Multicult FM

Erica L. (Brussels, BE)

Producer & DJ, Sound designer, Radio host



Jingles for various radio stations, Co-Founder Wicked Girls,

Kiosk Radio (BXL), Radio Meuh