All tracks released on Eyesome and Lo-fi Clouds imprints combined (+100 tracks) are mastered by Lohan LG, our In-house mastering engineer.

For as long as the balance between demand and time is right, Lohan is offering his mastering services to all producers, no matter their level of experience.

There are many online mastering services out there which promise you a master in 15min…
Keep in mind that an algorithm does not have expertise nor patience to get that perfect mixdown & master which our mastering engineer has.

Lohan’s mastering techniques will ensure the unification of the tracks by using a range of professional tools such as TBPro Audio, MeldaProduction Mastering Bundle and FabFilter 3 Suite. These tools will be used for compression, multi-band processing, loudness, stereo imaging, reactive EQ and more.

Our mastering service will give each track a consistent sound through an iterative process of direct feedback from and with our engineer Lohan on your mixdowns in order to improve the final master.
Only once both sides are fully satisfied with the outcome, you will receive a professional quality master ready for your release.

Price per track, EP or album to be discussed and depends on your mixdown and the number of revisions required to perfection the track.

Free sample of a mastered track is available upon request. Just fill out the form below and we will revert back to you ASAP – please serious inquiries only.

    Trxxshed – “It sounds perfect”

    Oudjat – “You didn’t overcompress, I like it!”

    La Dame – “Really effective!”

    Lck – “The textures comes out so well, the guitar phase emerges as it should and everything is cool! And my kick hits well, I’m happy”