Record label founded in 2020 going beyond the conventional lo-fi beats working mostly with artists who are passionate about creating and recording their own samples and sounds.

The music released on the imprint includes more than the boombap or laid-back lofi hip-hop beats. Our catalogue includes tracks which have ambient, hip-hop, broken beats and bass music flavors.

Under LFC, we also curate a series of spotify playlists to which artists can submit music for free via

So far we have released +50 tracks spread across compilations, LPs, EPs and singles from the likes of (in alphabetical order): Akinya, Beatsforbeaches, Blue Beaumont, Color Cabaal, Da Moustach, Easy Deviance, EuE, Freud, Gakusha, Grizzlydor, GWK, Haquin, Lck, Lower Bridge, Love Jester, mellomoon, Naute, Odzie, Oudjat, Philipp Murta, Polejam, Resoneight, Scoville, Sid3 Fx, Simon Drago, Surreal Tendencies, Temple, TonybtM, Yaxx, Wisbeat, Zéphyr, !Noj, 17IAM.

The whole Lo-fi Clouds catalogue is available via Bandcamp