Eyesome is proud to announce its first remix competition in collaboration with the AGC (Audius Grants Committee), a community-run program pushing Audius which is a music streaming/sharing platform that puts power back into the hands of content creators. Thanks to a recent grant approval, we have set-up the possibility for other producers to download the stems from Y.L.S. & Xtanki’s track ‘Nothing’ and win cool (cash) prices. This track which is selected to remix belongs to our 6th release called ‘Need To’ released during September last year.
Audius remix competition cover art inspired by EYED006 design

How to participate?


1. Head over to audius.co/eyesome & download the stems


2. Get creative & cook up a bass music beat, preferably in the sphere of the releases we have put out in these past 2 years.


3. Upload your track to audius.io, select ‘this is a remix’ and paste the URL of the original track: 


4. Winners will be decided based on popularity + vote from producers Xtanki, Y.L.S. and our mastering engineer who will be mastering the top 3.